White Vinyl Fence in Lebanon

Our crew worked hard through, rain, snow and windy storms to finish this fence in just a couple of weeks. It’s nearly 1000′ feet of white vinyl for an upland coming condominium complex in Lebanon. This project included a refuse barrier with a gate we had fabricated with the help of Advanced Mobile Welding.

Patio and Fence

Our crew built a privacy fence with 2×12 grass board in Albany for added height and security. We also added a curved walkway to accent the garden and a concrete, broom finished patio. If you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor space, call us today!

Fence with Grassboard

Here’s a fence we installed at the back of a property on top of a pressure treated grass board to add some height and separation between the client’s garden and the adjoining field. Call for a free estimate for your custom fencing needs today! (541)350-5397  

Fence in Lebanon

We started out doing an alternating paneled fence for a client and their neighbors. Once the fence was removed, they realized they had a beautiful view out of the back of their property, so we changed part of it to a welded wire with cedar trim to frame the gorgeous views.

Fence and Retaining Wall

This project solved 2 issues with one solution. The customer needed to hold back some earth with a retaining wall and also sought some privacy in the backyard. We built a sub grade retaining wall with a cedar fence atop. Here are the progress photos: